There are things in our lives that we are passionate about, things that are bigger than us. Things that get us up in the morning, motivate everything we do and encourage us to dream of better things for the future. For a long time, I have dreamed of creating a sustainable business that supports women’s entrepreneurship, ingenuity and creativity.

Our brand is symbolised by an earthenware vessel, because I find that the art of ceramics relates to the feminine element on many levels. It has long been relegated to the status of a handicraft as the woman, the vessel and bearer of life, has been, and in many societies still is, denied her rightful place in society. We are witnessing the decline of human rights and especially women’s rights throughout the world. She is denied education, she is excluded from work and public life, and she is denied the right to choose her own destiny.

On a smaller scale, the important role of women in the long history of ceramics has not been recognised for a long time. From the earliest times, in Greek and all other civilisations, women have made pottery and clay sculptures, and they have cooked, carried water, preserved and served food in clay vessels. They used pottery for traditional rituals and for decorative displays in the home. Women’s experiences interact with the medium of clay because women are not only subjects of representation, recipients and users of these objects, but also creators of clay sculpture, patrons, collectors, decorators and innovative designers.

Our vision is to evolve in a direction that supports, values and gives back to the woman, celebrating her at all stages of her life, both as a professional and as a mother. We plan to use our platform to offer advice on wellness, health and happiness. We look forward to working with our friends, patrons and businesses around the world and contributing to the betterment of society and the place of women in it.