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Objects of Beauty

Handcrafted creations

Kalopsia’s unique ceramic pieces are skillfully shaped by the loving hands of women artists in Greece. I actively cooperate on the creation of the designs as I am constantly looking to refresh the vision that reflects the eclectic sensibility that characterises Kalopsia: that of  vivid colours and non-symmetrical designs.

  Each object has both aesthetic and practical value – the vessels can stand alone in their beauty, or be used as planters or vases for freshly cut flowers, as they are glazed and waterproof on the inside.

Our sleek and sturdy wooden trays feature patterned fabric bands that add colour and playfulness to your side table, and our napkin holders, candlesticks, water pitchers, salad bowls, and side plates add a whimsical variety to your dining area.


I always imagine the pieces in the space they will inhabit and I am available to offer interior decoration advice on their placement and use.

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Wabi sabi
Memoire de Montreux