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Dear friend, a quick word of introduction: my name is Elina, I live in Athens, Greece, with my husband George, our three sons and our dogs. The main subject of this space is design, which has been a passion of mine for many years, but I have imagined it as more than just a website showcasing my work and offering my professional services. I want to touch on subjects that affect us all in different ways.


So – I am happy to finally present my dream project, which has been years in the making. The name Kalopsia (καλοψία) comes from an ancient Greek word composed of (καλός, ‘good’, ‘beautiful’) and (ὄψις, ‘to look at’) and can be translated as ‘the state in which everything and everyone looks beautiful’. This is what I strive for – to offer an alternative vision of beauty that can be found in everything and everyone, wonderful in its imperfection.


Not being able to find ‘that perfect-imperfect object’ missing from my interiors, I designed Kalopsia’s ceramics line, created by talented Greek artists. I am tremendously proud of this project, and I invite you to check it out here.


Since there is no point in surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects if we ignore the state of our being, both physical and mental, my team and I have started a discussion on health and happiness and we decided to invite some extraordinary guests stars who can help us find solutions we are looking for.


Most importantly, I look forward to working with friends, patrons and businesses to contribute to the important project of creating a day centre and residential home for adults with special needs in Athens. Please visit the Kalopsia Cares page to find out more.

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