My fascination with houses and their interiors began when I was a student in Switzerland. I was invited to visit the home of a classmate’s parents near Lac Léman and found myself immersed in the most extraordinary and elegant interiors. I was transported into a world of such exquisite beauty that it left a lasting impression on me. During those student years I did not know much about modernism in architecture, I was vaguely aware of Le Corbusier or even the furniture design of Charles and Ray Eames. What I did have was an intuitive feeling of “home” in my friend’s house, and a crazy dream was born: maybe one day I would be able to decorate and live in such a house myself.

Interior décor has long been my passion and object of close study. Ultimately, I consider it my true calling. I was lucky to have the opportunity to decorate the homes my family and I lived in, and each one was different to the other, and catered to the needs of our life at that moment. We lived in a townhouse in the center, and subsequently in the green suburbs of Athens, and I also decorated a beach house on an island and a pied-à-terre apartment abroad. As my experience grew over the past decade, my style has crystallised and I am proud to present some of the interiors I have created. My guiding principle is that the most important ingredient in the recipe for a happy interior is colour, which ultimately determines the mood and character of a given space.

I now play with natural and sea tones, accentuated with primary colours, and striking, unusual combinations. I also use contrasting materials and textures to bring out the pigments. I love to combine high quality modern furniture with reupholstered and refurbished antiques. I promote living and decorating with art and art objects, always with a touch of humour and with a sprinkling of the unexpected. Warm lighting, unique ceramics and paintings are carefully curated to create a unified experience where everything speaks to each other in some way.

My style is eclectic, with prominent elements of contemporary minimalism and mid-century modernism, and I find inspiration in painting, sculpture and photography. I would go so far as to say that I aspire to create livable and comfortable spaces around the art objects that have inspired me, rather than the other way around – I imagine interiors that strive to be masterpieces in their own right.

Sounds ambitious? I don’t see anything wrong with that! 😉


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